Effective Frugal Ways to save your money

There are endless ways where you can keep the check on your expenses that could; help you to save your overall monthly expenditure. According to Warren Buffett, who is world’s second richest person and era’s best entrepreneur who said that “Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.” And, while following this we must mark few activities that could help to save a lot.

Given below are few frugal ways to save your money that mostly miss by ignoring them, but on the long term, it has its adverse effect:


Use programmed Thermostat

If you save electricity it will also give in return something, thus by using a programmed thermostat not only you will going to save your electricity usage and bills in return but also help to contribute few efforts in saving natural resources of the environment. These thermostat have the capability to turn off on its own automatically according to your usage.

Wisely use your Coupon

As coupons always help you to save your extra money but at the same time it acts as the trap as well, to avoid this you must fairly estimate your budget before and after using a coupon and never spend extra if not important. This could be one of the most Effective Frugal Ways to save your money

Negotiate credit interest rate

On maintaining your goodwill for over years many companies offer you change to reduce your interest rate and this involves no legal formality and documentation. Thus negotiating for credit interest can help you to save a lot for your monthly saving.

Your bills on Cellphone

Yes, we all know that usage of the cell phone is important in today’s world but up what extend? We also aware of this fact that excess of a thing also has its own adverse effect, for this reason, you must keep the check on your cellphone usage and must come across your monthly bill to get an estimate.

These were the few effective frugal Ways to save your money and by end of the month, you could find some extra left in your pocket that you can wisely invest.